“I am a member of the Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce because it consists of such a wonderful group of people and the CJ Chamber is extremely active. There’s always something going on for all different types of businesses so if one thing doesn’t appeal to my business, another will. 

My Chamber membership has helped me network with professionals I may not have had a chance to network with previously. I’ve met a wide range of professionals in varying business roles and made some new friendships and business associations.

I would recommend joining the Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce because it is a great Chamber to be involved with and is extremely active. If you want exposure, activities, and new relationships, then the CJ Chamber is the place to be!”

Elizabeth Turner ~ Attorney-at-Law

“Utilizing the Chamber website and social media listings for our job openings proved effective for our company. Within two weeks we had our positions filled with excellent, caring individuals. In the funeral home industry, finding people who truly care about others can be difficult.

We are thankful for the amazing Carl Junction community who, everyday, shows support for Chamber businesses and families.”

Austin Simpson ~ Simpson Funeral Home