Are you looking to develop your business peer network, hone your networking skills, and reach new customers?


Business Development Groups (BDG) offer a more effective way to grow your business, with the goal of each group being developing your business through building relationships and expanding your network.  Unlike conventional leads groups, Business Development Groups encourage participation, without penalties. That means there is no keeping score, mandatory benchmarks or attendance requirements.  Also, there is no initiation fee, monthly dues or other associated costs. Business Development Groups are another free benefit offered to our members. Like your Chamber membership, Business Development Groups offer success in proportion to the time you want to invest in growing your business.

Currently,  three BDG groups are offered. The ideal group size has been estimated at 15-20 people.  These groups are not  limited to any specific business or individual; it is possible to have multiple people from the same industry within a group.  The goal of Business Development Groups is to allow participants to feel comfortable in an environment that people can form relationships in easily. These are smaller, more concentrated group gatherings than our monthly all-member breakfast meetings.

Acknowledging our member’s busy schedules, groups have been formed for morning, (7-8 am), mid-day (lunch), and late afternoon (4 pm) group.  The goal is to meet twice per month, with the exact time and location as determined by the group members. Each group has a leader, who acts as a contact for information. 


Meets 2 & 4 Wednesday

Time: 7:30 am
Location: Zinc Coffee – 1825 S Main, Joplin
Group Information: Dale & Fran Owen


Meets 2 & 4 Wednesday

Time: 4:00 pm
Location: The Meat’n Place – 6039 N Main, Webb City
Group Information: Audrey Sneed 





MorningLunchLate Afternoon